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Biochemicals are compounds that are involved in chemical reactions in living organisms. Biochemicals may be utilized the organisms as starting materials for a given reaction, be intermediates of reactions, or end products that are produced by a chemical reaction in the organism. Irrespective of where they are in chemical reactions or what signaling pathways they are part of, biochemicals are common research tools utilized by research scientists in all fields of studies. Biochemicals are part of all signal transduction pathways in one way or another. All of our biochemical products are manufactured to the highest standards with detailed chemical structures available. Please refer to the online data sheets for the technical and chemical properties of each biochemical. A sample certificate of analysis (COA) can also be requested prior to purchase. The COA may include more extensive information about the biochemical than that found on the online data sheet. For example, depending on the biochemical, the CAS number, PubChem CID numbers, precise physical form of the compound, the purity, solubility, and appropriate or suggested solvents may be available upon request.




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Our team of experts can help develop a fit-for-purpose method for discovery, pharmacokinetic, and formulation applications. Supporting services include drug property determination (log D, solubility), and drug metabolism and stability. We continuously expand our LC-MS/MS capabilities for the detection and quantification of drugs, metabolites, and biomarkers in biological samples.